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Third Party Logistics

We will be the good friend of e-commerce delivering your happiness.

1What is 3PL?

As an abbreviation of Third Party Logistics, 3PL refers to the service in which we manage the entire or the partial logistic of the third party. .
We can save your logistic expense and strengthen customer service by entrusting the relevant service to Good friends. .
Good friend provides the service which includes transport, warehousing, export and import management and information system handling.

2How is the receiving management performed?

If you use 3PL service, we inform the address of Good friend warehouse and the name of recipient. .
Afterward, purchased products are warehoused to our company through Japanese and domestic parcel delivery service such as Yamato, Sagawa and post office and we perform the inspection to identify the quantity, size and color listed in breakdown after opening the packaging box of warehoused products. After inspection, identification and classification for shipment, your products will be stored and managed waiting the shipment.

3How is the storage performed during shipment standby status.

The products, which completed the cargo identification and classification work by customers, shall be stored at the shipment standby status before the shipment request. .
(In case of products which require refrigeration, frozen storage, they are stored in refrigeration, frozen storage facility until shipment, please provide detailed information for refrigeration, frozen storage to CS team of our company in advance.

4How is the order managed?

We re-pack products for the International Air Transport after checking the shipping file that customers sent to our company.

5Which materials are used for re-packing and packing?

All the products are processed based on box packing. .
In case of electronic appliances and glass products which are fragile, we re-pack the products so that less impact is applied to products for international transport by using packing buffer(air cap etc.). .
We support re-packing or joint packing depending on the size and shape of products, we normally outsource the special packing(wood packing) to the specialized packing company. Please contact to CS team of our company when you desire the estimation of special packing.

6How much is the packing cost?

The cost of re-packing and joint packing differs depending on the cargo and its size. .
Please contact to CS team of our company when you want to inquire the estimation of packing and packing details.

7Which process does the special packing have?

When it is judged the products arrived to our logistic center to be fragile or high priced, we inform the products information and their risk of breakage. .
In case of products with high risk of breakage, re-packing is conducted by outsourcing wood special packing which is suitable to air transport to the special packing company, the actual cost for packing will be charged.

8We purchased products but the products warehousing is not confirmed yet.
What is the reason that warehousing is delayed?

In case of the omission of post box number, the miswriting of recipient, .
local invoice number and insufficient information to identify products, warehousing can be delayed, .
please contact CS team of our company when it is delayed.

9I would like to be insured for the international shipping because my products are high priced.
How much is insurance premium?

You can be insured for the international shipping. Please contact CS team of our company for detailed information.