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Customs Clearance

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1What is DOOR to DOOR service?

DOOR to DOOR service refers to the system in which we provide the combined transport from the door of sender to the door of recipient.
When the sender inquires transport company to designate the location of cargo and pick up time, the transport company visits customers at the location and time designated by transport company to pick up the cargo, it delivers the cargo to recipient after the process of land transport, export custom clearance to the airport, flight transport then import custom clearance, land transport to the airport of final destination country.

2What is list custom clearance, personal custom clearance and general custom clearance?
(Based on duty free when importing)

List custom clearance refers to the system in which the custom clearance is briefly completed based on product information listed on the import declaration for custom clearance in Korea compared to normal custom clearance, the products completed list custom clearance are exempted from duty basically.
The tax exemption criteria shall be applied only for the products for personal use and the price range under USD 150 but some products are excluded from duty exemption so please check in advance for sure. When the products are applied to the tax exemption criteria, no separate import procedure, the products excluded from list custom clearance are applied to general custom clearance.
In case of products admitted by the head of custom office to be not proper as list custom clearance in accordance with Article 226 of other Act, if they are not for personal use but for sales, even if the total amount of products is not the standard amount of list custom clearance, if the items, which are not applied to list custom clearance, are mixed, they are proceeded as normal custom clearance.
Some items which include food, medicine and perfume(60ml or more) and liquor are the representative examples.

3What is HS code?

HS refers to the abbreviation of Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System adopted by international convention in 1988.
The purpose of Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System is to activate international trading and maintain the consistency of the application of tariff rate by classifying the products for trading as number code and unifying the system of product classification, it has been widely used for various purposes such as tariff, trading statistic, delivery and insurance, HS code can be used until 10 digits.
HS code until 6 digits can be commonly and internationally used, initial 1~2 digits refer the group of products, 3~4 digits referthe classification by kind, the level of processing within the same group, 5~6 digits refer the classification by purpose, function within the detailed subgroup of the same group, Code from 7 digits is granted to each country, Korea use 10 digits code.

4What is the personal custom clearance number? Is it mandatory?

When the import country is Korea, we operate the unique code system for personal custom clearance which can be used instead of resident registration number for the declaration of private goods import in order to prevent leakage of personal information.
The unique code for personal custom clearance can be given immediately by application after acquiring an accredited certificate from Customs office issuing systems(, the code once granted can be repeatedly used(But when changing address or contact, the contents of personal custom clearance code should be corrected) the procedures of issuance are as follows.

  1. (1) Access to enter name, resident registration number and confirm.
  2. (2) Enter the password after selecting a option among the methods of identity authentication
  3. (3) enter and register 6 essential points-
    The completion of issuance of personal custom clearance unique code. When importing the products under USD 150 which is the standard of list custom clearance, the personal custom clearance number is not essential but it should be issued as there are exceptional items for list custom clearance.
5The custom clearance has been delayed, how do I handle this situation?

The reasons of custom clearance delay have a lot of variety which include the discordance of recipient information of invoice, tax lien and products confirmation, please contact CS team of our company with shipping date and shipping air way bill number.
You can simply check at the official site of FedEx Express

6Is it possible to cancel and return the product already shipped?

Please contact CS team of our company with shipping date and shipping air way bill number to trace the shipping products.
Cargo is classified as the return in the relevant sending country and the return after port entry in importing country depending on the progress of delivery, the additional return charge occurs.
Exceptional case includes the breach return to apply refund in accordance with Article 106, tariff Act, this process is to re-import the goods of the first contract if the actual imported cargo is different from purchased cargo due to breakage, A/S, the difference of model, size and color, the decomposition of products.
Re-export and return export should be performed after entry to bonded area within 1 years from import report date, the additional documents(refund application with contents different from contract, the statement of reason that the exporter admits the return etc.).
In case of breach return, the tariff and VAT paid for the first import is refunded. But in case of importer’s change of heart, exchange and refund or good damage by physical factor, the breach return is not available. Also when the substitute goods should be sent because of omission or defective of goods, it is included to defect repair of which re-import is different from the breach return.

7What are embargoed items when exporting oversea?

You can check the embargoed items under the regulations of tariff Act of importing country. In case the importing country is Korea, we have following typical examples of banned items from list custom clearance through the notification (No. 2009-33, notification by tariff office)to check the confirmation of head of tax office and checking method in accordance with Article 226, Tariff Act.

  1. (1) The medicines that can be purchased only with prescription, which include pain relief patch, plaster, gauze, bandages, antibiotic drugs, aspirin preparations, digestive medicine, fever reducer, headache pill, influenza drug , pregnancy testers, hair growth solution.
  2. (2) Herbal including ginseng, red ginseng etc.
  3. (3) The products of which international trading is banned according to ‘Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora(CITES)’including Ivory, crocodile leather and snake skin products.
  4. (4) Agricultural, livestock and fishery goods subject to a quarantine including coffee(Bean powder), tea and nuts, seeds, wood, powdered milk, cat dog food, processed meat and cheeses
  5. (5) Health functional food including Vitamin, Omega 3 products, propolis products, glucosamine products, folic acid products, royal jelly, etc.
  6. (6) Food and cookies including Biscuits, bakery, prepared coffee, tea, prepared fruit, nuts, sugar confectionery, chocolate, sauces and mixed condiments.
  7. (7) Functional whitening, wrinkle improvement, sunscreens, placenta cosmetics, cosmetics containing steroid and harmful cosmetics of which ingredients are not identified
    The embargoed items include the currency such as gold and silver bar, harmful items, asbestos containing harmful items or inflammables, illegal drugs, Narcotics, poisons, rough diamonds, inflammable perfume containing high alcohol, spray type cosmetics,
    a part of body and pornography of which quantity, weight and test condition exceeds the criteria of items in custom clearance.
8How can I fill the name of items in an invoice?

In order to prevent the mis import reporting of medicine and health functional food by filling the actual name of items,
we are kindly asking to fill in detailed information like ‘Vitamin ChildLife, Essentials, Liquid Calcium with Magnesium,
Natural Orange Flavor, 16 fl oz (474 ml)’. We ask not to fill with the general noun.

9What is cumulative taxation?

In case of the same shipment date or the same port entry date of importing country or when the same recipient imported two or more cases, multiple cases are handled as one case in the same invoice, when the taxation amount exceeds USD 150 ,
the tariff and VAT are charged in cumulative taxation. When 2 or more cases are reported on the same date to the same recipient with different port entry date, if it is admitted as personal use, it is processed as individual tax exemption case,
if it is suspected of unfair tax exemption by the computing data analysis of custom, it can be additionally imposed later.

10There’s something wrong to the shipped cargo,
what is the process of Split clearance, disposal Stowage corrective measure and quarantine?

When banned products and products that can pass custom clearance are shipped together for the process of custom clearance, the separate custom clearance can be performed with repair work so you can waste or receive partial goods. In this case, required documents and additional separation charge can be generated. The details of which contents are different from invoice or miswritten details should be changed or corrected, in this case the additional documents and charge can be generated.
For the custom clearance of product with plant ingredient, it is applied to the banned items of importing country, the quarantine might be conducted, which can cost additional fee.

11I don’t know how to calculate the tariff and VAT.

The tariff refers to the tax imposed to the cargo which passes the area of tariff, one of the national tax, it is calculated as follows.
Tariff = taxable value x tax rate of purchased item.
VAT refers to the value newly imposed to product or service depending on the stage of trading, it is calculated as follows.
VAT = (taxable value + tariff) x 0.1
That is, taxable value = total amount of payment for products X the exchange rate notified by Korea Customs Service + Taxation fare.

12What is taxation fare? Is it different from the shipping charge of Good friends?

The taxation fare refers to the international delivery charge made by the criteria of Korea Customs Service for the calculation of tariff and VAT, it is different from the shipping charge of Good friends. Please contact CS team of our company and the homepage of Korea Custom Service for detailed information of taxation fare

13Checking an import declaration, the price of products purchased byYen is listed by Won.
Which exchange rate is your criteria?

Based on the exchange rate notified by Korea Custom Service, the reported amount is calculated into the monetary unit of imported country during custom clearance.
The exchange rate notified by Korea Custom Service is updated every Sunday, the notified exchange rate is applied based on the date of report to custom clearance.

14I wonder the tariff rate by items

As it might differ depending on items, please refer to the tariff rate by item of Korea Custom Service.